Short Orthodontic Appointments

You take time off work, drive to your child’s school, wait while they draw him out of class, drive across town to take him to the orthodontist and the appointment is done in ten minutes! It hardly seems worth all of the trouble, but these observation or recall appointments are actually essential for your child’s orthodontic care.

The goal is to get the most out of treatment, in the least amount of time; yet timing is often the key. The loss of baby teeth in the right order and at the right time can help the permanent teeth come in straighter, reduce treatment time, and make the final result the best possible.

Evaluating the eruption process doesn't take much time, but missing a problem at the right moment can add months or even years to a patient’s treatment. So feel free to ask the doctor what he or she was evaluating at each appointment. You will find that these short appointments are some of the most important.