Orthodontic Services and Teens

We now offer Invisalign-Teen.

Many patients begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of 9 and 15. We encourage children to come get their first consultation as early as age seven to prevent potential complications from developing.  However, even if you are just starting in your teens we can achieve excellent results by taking advantage of the natural growth spurts at that age.

young-man-bracesToday’s braces are less noticeable and more attractive for teen treatments. In addition to the classic stainless steel braces, we offer alternatives such as Invisalign-Teen, clear.  We also offer colored bracket ties and elastics to match your favorite color, a favorite team, or a seasonal color.

The length of time a patient will wear braces is different for each individual, but most patients wear braces from 1 to 3 years. Each teen’s treatment time will depend on how severe the problem was to begin with, growth and tooth moving forces, as well as patient care and maintenance.

With braces you will still be able to talk normally, play sports (with a mouthguard), and play a musical instrument. Sports like boxing, karate, or wrestling where you will take direct blows to the face would be the biggest limitation. Some foods will have to be avoided while wearing braces such as: gummy, chewy, sticky, and very hard foods that can damage braces.