What are the many benefits of straight teeth and a good bite?

The Social Aspect

Straight Teeth and a Good SmileIt may not be fair but appearance does matter. In a recent study by Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, 1047 Americans took a survey to evaluate their perception of someone’s level of success by contrasted images of men and women with straight or crooked teeth. Facial images with straight teeth were perceived to be 58% more likely to be successful.

Oral Health

Teeth that are crowded or overlap create small spaces between the teeth that are difficult to clean effectively. This can cause a build-up of bacteria and plaque and can lead to decay and gum disease. Going through orthodontic treatment, can help prevent many oral health issues later.


The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in your speech. When a child’s teeth lean too far forward or backward, a speech impediment may develop causing embarrassment or frustration. Orthodontics ensures the teeth are at the appropriate position to make sounds and speech normally.

Bone Erosion

Bone and tissues begin to erode when there are no teeth to support them. Poorly aligned teeth can create gaps or spaces or exert too much force when biting causing the same kind of bone erosion. A good bite is recommended for the long term health of bone and tissue levels.


And of course, your teeth are designed to begin the digestion process by chewing your food. A poor bite, large gaps or misaligned teeth can disrupt the digestion process.

I Got Braces Two Months Ago And Now My Teeth Look Worse!

Straightening teeth is a dynamic process. They do not flow from one side to the next like beads on a string. Sometimes they may go through an “ugly duckling stage” before they unravel and start to look better.  It is perfectly normal to have gaps appear where there wasn’t before.

If you are ever concerned about the way things are looking, a quick check by the doctor can ease your mind, but most likely the changes are necessary for the progression of the treatment.  Small gaps or teeth that appear too long or short are often just part of the process. You may even feel like your teeth touch in different places from day to day. Sometimes orthodontics is like the weather in Texas…if you don’t like it, wait until tomorrow and it will be different!

Why Do I Have to Wear Braces Twice?

I have heard statements similar to this many times before. "I had braces at age 8, but the orthodontist didn’t do it right so I had to do them again at age 14."

At age 8, most kids are not paying too much attention to the “why”, but are more concerned with the “how” and “how long?” In their minds all they know is they had to wear braces twice.

After working in the field for more than 20 years, one of the misconceptions about orthodontic treatment that I continually run into is that it is best to do only one orthodontic treatment. It makes sense, "I want to do it only once and pay for it only once!" Sometimes this is the best option, but it all depends on the objectives.

This is why making sure you understand the orthodontic problem and its treatment is so critical to your perception of the success of the treatment. Often braces are used to do more than straighten crooked teeth.

Make sure you understand what the orthodontist is trying to achieve with early treatment and why it is a better alternative to one phase of treatment. Understanding the “why” makes the “how” and “ how long” easier to accept!